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Dr Chris Orlikowski

Dr. Orlikowski is a consultant anaesthetist and pain specialist, with over 30 years of experience in the medical field. After completing medical officer and anaesthetics training positions in South Africa and the UK, He worked as a staff anaesthetist in hospitals across Australia, including The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, and the Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania.


Dr. Orlikowski has also held positions as Director of the Acute Pain Service at the Royal Hobart Hospital and as a consultant at the Chronic Pain Clinic. With over 20 publications and 3 book chapters, he is a respected voice in the field, having served as Pain Convenor for the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2019 and Vice-Chairman of the ANZCA Scientific Committee.


Dr. Slava Poel


Dr. Slava Poel is an Australian-trained anaesthetist and pain specialist, having earned his medical degree from Monash University in Melbourne.


With over twenty years of experience in a medical field, Dr. Poel has worked extensively in pain medicine and anaesthesia, both in public and private settings. Dr Poel completed core pain medicine training at the Ashley Ricketson Centre at the Alfred Hospital and has also worked at the Kingston Pain Clinic, Monash Health.


He is an active member of the medical community, serving on the hospital medical advisory committee and as an organisational member of Pelvic Pain Victoria.

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